About Me

I have been a fitness consultant, trainer and athletic enthusiast for over 20 years.  Organized sports and the outdoors have always been an important part of my life.

As a child, I enjoyed camping, hiking, soccer, gymnastics, football and swimming with my family. For several years as a young adult, I enjoyed group and solo adventures that involved mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, camping and fishing.  Along with adventure racing and obstacle racing, over the years I’ve been involved in weight lifting, strongman competitions, boxing and MMA.  I have had the honor of being able to train with several elite athletes from all athletic areas.

I am proud to have been in the military which has helped me to be “Always Ready, and Always There”.  These experiences have given me the desire to better myself, as well as others.  I am passionate about finding  new and better ways to improve my life through fitness and clean diet.

In coming years, I have my sights set on maintaining a rigorous training lifestyle and competing in several adventure races and obstacle races. Ultimately I am planning on climbing mount Washington, Pikes Peak and Mauna Kea in the next few years.

I love showing others the gratifying joys of fitness through the outdoors.

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